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Chikwe's Story

Chikwe Muluwe is a 24-year-old Zambian male, an orphan, and a graduate of The Terranova School. Zambia is filled with people from circumstances like Chikwe, but many of them do not have the opportunity for education that he has enjoyed thanks to Terranova, the Julia Burke Foundation, and Woodward Academy.

Chikwe is on schedule to graduate from the University of Lusaka in December with a degree in computer science. Because of grants from the Julia Burke Foundation and funds raised by Woodward Academy, Terranova was able to offer an education to Chikwe that otherwise would not have been possible in his home region. A high school diploma is something that most Zambians never receive. I asked Chikwe to put in writing some of his thoughts about his experiences:

"My future has been blessed. I'm looking forward to having a good job and living a comfortable life. My guardians had a desire to educate me but literally lacked enough source of income to do so. At the time I began to receive help, it was a time of real struggle for my guardians. Survival was extremely hard. My dreams and hopes got shuttered and there seemed no way I was going to go to university. I had lost hope about going to school but thanks to the kindness of others, I was allowed to pursue my career in computer science."

Because of his experience, Chikwe and friends who also received a sponsored education plan to start a small foundation to help educate a Zambian child. "Thanks to the help from others, what was considered a bleak light has become the shining light in the lives of many," Chikwe said. "I'm now going to become a cornerstone for not only my family but other people as well. May good charity work continue and many God bless you for the amazing thing you are doing in people's lives."

Mr. Dietz annually coordinates fundraising projects for and summer travel to Terranova, the Academy's sister school in Mazabuka, Zambia.

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George Dietz, Middle School Assistant Principal & friend of The Terranova School

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