Direct Your State Tax Dollars to Woodward Students

Direct Your State Tax Dollars to Woodward Students

While The Woodward Fund is our main philanthropic priority, there is another way to support our students you may not have heard about. The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program allows you to direct your state tax dollars to financial aid for eligible Woodward students and receive a tax credit. It’s easy and takes less than two minutes to apply.

  • Go to to submit your 2021 GOAL tax credit application. 

  • You’ll be notified upon approval, and you can pay online or mail in your check.

  • You’ll receive a 100% state income tax credit in the amount of your contribution once you claim it on your 2021 Georgia income tax return, based on your filing status: 

    • Single individual or head of household—up to $1,000.

    • Married couple filing jointly—up to $2,500

    • Married couple filing separately—up to $1,250

    • S corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner—up to $10,000

    • C corporation or trust—up to 75 percent of annual Georgia income tax liability

With pandemic-related economic strains on families, our students need your support now more than ever! Woodward’s financial aid expenses increased by $1.4 million between 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

“This time a year ago, attending Woodward Academy was just a dream. Now, thanks to Georgia GOAL, my school has given me immeasurable opportunity. I am so thankful for the caring and patient teachers, the motivational coaches, and my bubbly, responsible friends.”

-WA Middle School student