Do-Good Duet

Do-Good Duet

Like other students at Woodward, brothers Krish (11th grade) and Aarav (seventh grade) Kadam have felt the weight of life under Covid-19.

“The abundance of regulations that limit the fun activities that I can do during the pandemic has been hard for me,” says Krish.

“The hardest part is not being able to meet my friends and family during these tough times,” Aarav adds.

At the same time, the boys knew others had it harder. Krish, hearing of the elderly isolated in senior centers without companionship or entertainment, was stirred to action. “I wanted to do something to bring a smile on their faces and have something for them to look forward to,” he says.

Cue the drum solo.

Starting with an outdoor concert, Krish began a series of drum performances at senior centers and assisted living communities near his family’s Newnan home. He was soon joined by Aarav, who plays piano and saxophone.

“My favourite part is to see the smiles when I perform for them and to see them enjoy the music we play for them,” says Aarav.

Krish began playing drums in the third grade. He says he enjoys being the one setting the tempo for every song. He joined the Woodward band in seventh grade and is currently in the symphonic winds band where he has learned to play other percussion instruments.

Aarav says he took up the saxophone because he enjoys listening to jazz. He is part of the Woodward advanced band. 

Both brothers say they plan to continue honing their musical skills and performing as often as possible.