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International Visitors Tour Woodward and Atlanta

Woodward welcomed students and parents from China and Australia this past week as part of our ever-expanding International and Global Connections program. Our guests included:

  • Thirty Middle School students from Shangnan Middle in Shanghai, who took classes with their Woodward peers.
  • Twenty-seven second graders from Shenzhen, China, who joined our students at the Primary School while their parents experienced Woodward and the city.
  • Thirteen students from Wenlei, Shanghai, who spent an afternoon in the Upper School.
  • Twenty students from our Australian partner school, Pittwater House, who stayed with Woodward host families.

Video of the Chinese second-graders performing martial arts at the Primary School community meeting.

"Visits from international students provide a meaningful opportunity for learning, not only for our guests but also for our Woodward students," said Stéphane Allagnon, director of International and Global Connections. "Our world grows smaller with every passing year, and our students are more prepared for that world when they have the opportunity to meet contemporaries and make friends from other cultures."

Woodward's Global Connections program has both depth and breadth. In addition to hosting visitors, the Academy enrolls 41 international students in the Middle and Upper Schools. We have sister school relationships around the world, and our students enjoy many travel and study abroad opportunities. In addition, Woodward was the first school in the nation to implement the International Certification testing program for Upper School students on the Honors and Advanced Placement tracks for five languages.

Video from Woodward's student publications interviewing some of our Australian visitors.

The capstone of Woodward's International and Global Studies program is the Global Studies diploma distinction. Beginning with the Class of 2019, students can graduate with the distinction if they apply by the end of the 10th grade year and meet requirements that include four years of studying a world language and coursework in world history, politics, literature, or religion.

Learn more here about Global Connections at Woodward.

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