New on Campus: Alisha Panjwani ’11, Ed.S., Class of 2022 Counselor

New on Campus: Alisha Panjwani ’11, Ed.S., Class of 2022 Counselor

What would students be surprised to find out about you?

They'd definitely be surprised to find out about my interest in the stock market. It is a new interest, but it keeps me on my toes, which I love. I'm always doing research on which stocks are a good investment for the long term and how the market impacts the economy and corporations. 


What is your favorite book, movie, and band/performer?

I'm a big Harry Potter fan so that's definitely my favorite book and movie series. My favorite performer is the Weeknd.


What constitutes a “good day” at school for you?

Happy and healthy students and a good lunch! 


How did your own school experience influence your teaching career?

As a student at Woodward, I had a great relationship with my own counselor Leigh Shelor. I spent a lot of time in her office talking about anything and everything. I always remembered her being so kind and supportive towards me and my family. After completing my undergrad, I started teaching pre-K and during that time was when I realized I loved being in the school setting, but wanted more than being in the classroom. That was when I realized that school counseling would be the perfect fit for me.


What is the single most important thing you hope to impart to your students?

One of the most important things I can impart on my students is that it's never too late to change something about your life and be who you want to be. There are no time limits. Sometimes it feels like others are getting ahead of us, but we're all just on our own timelines. You are the artist of your own life so be sure to paint the path that you want.