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Q&A With James Stinson of Dining Services

It is Dining Services Appreciation Week at Woodward, and every cafeteria across the Academy has displayed banners notifying dining guests that is a period to honor and thank the dining team.

In that spirit, we sat down with James Stinson, the Production Manager at the Main Kitchen at Woodward Academy. Every day, James plays a huge role in cooking and maintaining food for over 1,200 students and staff, including preparing special meals for 7 students with allergies. James will be retiring at the end of the school year, and he will be sorely missed by so many in the Woodward community.

BTG Editors: Tell us a little about your job at Woodward and how long you've worked here.

James Stinson: Our team makes sure we provide good food and good service for everyone. I've worked for Woodward for 22 school years.

BTG: What is a typical day like as a Production Manager?

JS: My typical day involves making sure that food is prepared properly and is ready at a certain time each day.

BTG: What is the best part of your job?

JS: The best part of my job is knowing and interacting with students, teachers, and also staff in the business office.

BTG: What is your favorite memory from your 22 years at Woodward?

JS: My favorite memory is working with Mr Bill Gorman (former Food Services Director) and Ms. Barbara Egan (former Vice President).

BTG: What are your plans for retirement?

JS: I'm planning to own my own food truck and also to travel.

BTG: Any parting words of wisdom for students or faculty/staff at Woodward?

JS: My wish for everyone is to stick to their goals and to reach for the stars.


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