Senior Day Surprise For The Class of 2020

These last six weeks are far from the way we would have chosen the school year to end, especially for our seniors. The Class of 2020 has missed its traditional prom and senior week dates, and will miss its usual graduation date due to the lockdown. This has been a small sorrow in a sea of much larger ones, but still acute and meaningful to those affected.

While there are only limited actions we can take to arrest the larger sorrows that have plagued the world since the beginning of the outbreak, our senior staff saw a way this week to make an impact on the disappointment of our seniors. On Tuesday, a squad of faculty, staff, and Woodward buses ventured out from the Academy with bags of goodies to deliver to 257 of our seniors. 

Going door to door, our faculty experienced the laughter and tears of our seniors. Below are some of the notes we received from parents and students, as well as many photos and videos from the day. If you have any photos and videos you'd like to share from the day, please post them on social media with #woodwardway!

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful surprise today (we were still in our pj's). It was totally unexpected but put a huge smile on Jenna's face. Thank you for the thoughtful gifts and making the best out of the current situation. Jenna wanted some photos with her sign, she even put her uniform on for the pictures - this is how special it was to her."

"Thank you for showing the whole city what we already know and love about Woodward! What an amazing gift you and your team gave those seniors! It’s Woodward at its best!"

"I am proud to be a part of Woodward, but never more so than today seeing the extra mile you all and so many others went to for the seniors. The thought and care that went into this was overwhelming for me, so, yep, I cried! Just the most thoughtful thing ever. Thank you for what I know was your part in this. It truly meant a great deal to the kids and their parents. I wish I had recorded my seniors talking about it on zoom this morning. This act of kindness and celebration will not soon be forgotten. Thank you, again!"

"You guys are so thoughtful!  Tears streaming down my face again today. You started the day off with a bang sharing the wonderful video created with the US Faculty.  And then, what a wonderful surprise to see a WA bus with a very cheerful teacher and happy driver to present Hope with a senior sign and WA goodie bag filled with delicious treats from our food services staff!  Words cannot express how humbled we are at this memorable day for all of the seniors.  You are going above and beyond to make them feel special during a very strange time in the world. This time of senior year should be filled with all of the traditional senior events and celebrations the students have looked forward to for many years.  But it is not to be this year due to the pandemic across the world.  You have taken what could be a very sad end of senior year, and you have made it into a very special last day of school that will be remembered for the rest of all our lives.  Words cannot express how grateful and appreciative (and speechless) we are at your thoughtfulness and dedication to making this end of year so special for our seniors.  Thank you so much for making the tears fall today!"

Here is the story in the AJC about the day, and here is the segment from WSB.


Lauren Cronon

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