Student Delivers Song-A-Grams to Raise Funds for Horizons Program

Student Delivers Song-A-Grams to Raise Funds for Horizons Program

Last summer, using little more than her voice, Woodward senior Kate Jamilkowski raised more than $1,200 for Horizons Atlanta, a program that supports children in underserved communities through a tuition-free summer learning program.

Jamilkowski, who also serves on the Service Leadership Board, felt a calling after a revelatory experience performing impromptu songs at the College Park Senior Center during bingo. “It was incredible to see the effect that the music had on their spirits; their faces lit up and soon enough people were shouting out requests left and right,” she says. “I’ve always believed in the power of music but seeing its impact up close really encouraged me to continue helping people through music.”

After founding an organization called Use Your Voice, Jamilikowski immediately began looking for ways to use music to help her community. Her first idea—to assemble a group of students to serenade seniors and hospital patients in person—was rendered inoperable by the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, she came up with the idea to deliver virtual “SONG-A-GRAMS” in return for GoFundMe donations to Horizons, where Jamilkowski volunteers as a counselor. Woodward hosts its own Horizons program.

“This was my second summer volunteering at Horizons, and I’ve seen how incredibly impactful the program is,” she says. “I love bonding with the students and seeing them learn and grow. They have so much potential, and it’s amazing to see the program help to foster it, especially this past year, when many students learned less than ever during the school year.”

Jamilikowski advertised the GoFundMe via social media. The performance requests were often amusing. One donor asked that Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” be sung to a family friend who was nine months pregnant. Jamilikowski says her funniest request was an acoustic guitar-backed rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” for her friend Becky’s birthday.

You can enjoy one donor’s request, Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” via the video below.