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Students Experience College Knowledge Day

The Butterknife is our student-led newsletter that is emailed out regularly throughout the school year. Below is an excerpt from the most recent Butterknife, describing the recent College Knowledge Day, where juniors learned about the admissions process and visited local colleges and universities.

Story by Alina Noorani. Photo by Kira Green.

Voices of crowded students echoed through the hallways of local Atlanta colleges on Tuesday, January 22 as the junior class jump-started a new-style of College Knowledge Day where each got to learn more about the admission process.

Juniors went through five informational sessions about college applications with their counselors and toured one of six local universities in the Atlanta area: Emory University, Georgia State University, Agnes Scott College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Clayton State University, and Morehouse College.

 “We got to tour the campus, and our guide showed us the different buildings for each major and set of studies,” said Megha Gupta ‘20, who visited Emory University. “You don’t really need to do anything or prepare. The college counselors have everything planned out really well.”
While some students said they should have chosen the schools they wanted to visit to get the most out of their college visit, others said the college tours allowed juniors to realize what types of schools and majors they preferred and how a college visit worked.
“I learned a lot and realized what I need to do and not do to get into the schools I want,” said Nick Masters ‘20. “I personally was not a huge fan of my SCAD tour because I am more a STEM guy than an arts guy.”
For the sophomore class, the juniors offered some advice for their future College Knowledge Day.

“Although it stressed me out a lot, I thought it helped [to] realize that [applying to college] is actually happening,” said Mansi Patel ‘20. “Get the most out of it because, believe it or not, some of the [information] is kind of helpful.”


Alina Noorani

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