Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming

Let’s show some love to our teachers.

Next week, May 4-8, is National Teacher Appreciation Week. This spring, maybe more than any other in recorded history, parents all over the world have DEEP appreciation for their kids’ teachers, as they juggle working from home with supervising remote school.

We’re immensely proud of how hard our Woodward teachers have worked to recreate their classrooms online in innovative ways, continuing the learning and giving our students social and emotional support (all while taking care of their own families). While remote learning has been challenging for schools everywhere, our WA faculty has had access to technology and training vital to the success of learning in the digital space—thanks to support for The Woodward Fund.

Gifts to our annual fund are the best way to sustain our school. Next week, while you can’t send an apple to your child’s teacher, you can show your love with a gift to The Woodward Fund. Our deadline for 2019-2020 fundraising is May 31, so the timing couldn’t be better. You can make a gift HERE in honor of your child’s teacher and spread the word on our social stream by tagging @thewoodwardfund and @WoodwardAcademy and using #woodwardway. If you can’t make a gift at this time, we encourage you to shout-out to your kids’ teachers on your social feeds. If there’s anything we’ve all learned lately, it’s that we’re all in this together!


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