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Teacher-Student Pen Pals at the Primary School

So often at Woodward, we hear about teachers who genuinely enjoy their students, and kids who absolutely adore their teachers. These are the relationships the school is built around, but they can be frustratingly hard to capture -- it's the little caring moments between students and teachers that mean so much, and it can be hard to describe those to others. 

This is why we were so honored when Primary School teacher Dr. Kimberly Kulka and her students let us take a peek at their journal entries to one another. Throughout the year, some of our youngest students write in their journals and their teachers respond. They're just little notes back and forth, but they capture how happy these students and teachers are to have one another, and how much they care about each other. 

We invite you to take a peek inside one of these journals -- it's sure to brighten your day.







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