Unveiling Our Woodward Magazine Archive

We're very excited to show off our new digital magazine archive–encompassing each magazine from the last 13 years at Woodward. If you want to page back through old class notes or just take a moment to look at all the different ways the Academy has changed in just the last decade, this archive is here for you to use.


Some samples:

Fall 2016

Spring 2013

Fall 2007


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Beyond the Gate: The Woodward Academy Blog

Beyond the Gate: The Woodward Academy Blog is a gathering place for our community members to share all of the remarkable things happening at Woodward in the classroom and beyond. Our talented faculty and staff will share their ideas and philosophies as well as news about the programs and activities that make the Academy special. We’ll also hear from students, alumni, parents, and other members of the War Eagle family. We invite you to explore and share your comments! Would you like to be a BTG blogger? Email marcom@woodward.edu.