WA Robotics Creates Halloween Magic

Article by Faheem Jivani '21

In October, W.A.Robotics worked on a special project through Magic Wheelchair. Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit organization that “builds epic costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs — at no cost to families.” The goal is to create magical and unforgettable memories for kids who can’t always participate in trick-or-treating. We made a DJ turntable booth costume for Emerson, a nine-year-old who enjoys 80’s music; it was stylized with “graffiti” art that reflects his interests - a totally custom design!

The actual design process was very similar to the process used when robot building. First, we created a digital model through CAD and prototyped the chair. Once the designs and structure were finalized, we began building. After all the parts were made, we painted the pieces and then assembled the final product. With the project finished, it was ready to be presented to Emerson so he could drop dope beats in his new costume as he goes trick-or-treating.

Just in time for trick-or-treating, Emerson came to Woodward on October 30 to collect his costume. Students, teachers, administrators, and Emerson’s family were all smiles as Emerson made his debut in his DJ costume. The guest of honor is ready to drop dope beats in his new costume as he heads out on Halloween. Seeing the joy that the costume brought Emerson and his family made doing the project rewarding and we can’t wait to partner with Magic Wheelchair again next year. To learn more about Magic Wheelchair and how you can contribute you can visit their website: https://www.magicwheelchair.org/


Additionally, check out some cool pics from Halloween at Woodward:


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Faheem Jivani '21

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