WA Students, Parents to Learn About Living in the Digital World

Woodward Academy brought The Social Institute to campus last month to work with students and offer insight to parents on how to navigate social media positively.

The Social Institute was founded by Laura Tierney, a four-time All-American student-athlete at Duke University and former social media strategist for national and international brands. The institute seeks to reinvent the conversation around teens and social media. Their approach reinforces character and leadership strengths like empathy, integrity, and teamwork, and emphasizes teaching students and their role models to champion high character on all social platforms.

With a set of standards as a jumping off point, kids learn to protect their privacy in the digital space, strike a balance between homework, hobbies, and social media, and value time spent with others as well as living in the moment without the validation of others through likes, views, or comments.

From these messages to dealing with cyberbullies and using your social platforms for good, kids will come away with messages and tools to guide them. During their Woodward visit, experts from The Social Institute presented to all sixth through 12th graders at Woodward. They also held a session just for parents to provide tools for avoiding pitfalls and using social media and technology as a positive force in their kids’ lives.

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