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We Are Family -- Woodward Magazine

Woodward families vary in nearly every way imaginable, but we all share some common beliefs -- that family means unconditional love, and we want happiness for our kids as well as academic success. For the fall/winter edition of Woodward Magazine, we spoke to parents and students about the idea of Woodward as a family school and what they love about our community. Here's a peak inside at one of the stories in the magazine: Upper School dean of students Anthony Thomas and his children, Cameron and Kendall..

When he was a student at Woodward, Anthony Thomas’s parents often reminded him to honor and respect the privilege of attending the Academy. Now he’s sharing those values with his wife, Valerie, and daughters, Cameron, a second grader, and Kendall, a kindergartener. After graduating from Woodward in 1998, Anthony went to Furman University for a B.A. in political science and got his law degree from Georgia State University. He practiced as an attorney before being drawn back to Woodward. Now he’s dean of students in the Upper School. “To think that I wore those uniforms and walked some of the same hallways is almost surreal,” he said. “Never in a million years did I think I’d be back, but it’s been a blast thus far. I feel my duty is to prepare the new generation of Woodward students for encounters yet to come in life, both good and bad.”

Anthony is glad his own daughters are being challenged, learning respect, and getting to know classmates from diverse backgrounds. Cameron and Kendall say there’s a lot to like about Woodward: P.E., math, science, Spanish, meeting new friends, taking field trips, and even After School Care. “Woodward is fun!,” Kendall reports. From Cameron’s point of view: “It’s a good place. There are a lot of cool people to meet and become best friends with.”

The story of the Thomas family is just one of many in this edition of Woodward magazine. Check out the entire digital version of the magazine here:

Woodward Magazine -- We are Family



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