We Are Family -- Woodward Magazine Preview

For the Woodward magazine, we spoke to students and parents about the idea of the Academy as a family school and what they love about our community. We learned that, although they’re all different, our families share common reasons why they’ve found a home at Woodward. To get an idea of what you’ll see in the magazine, meet the Bernard triplets, Hannah, Haley, and Hope.

They’re Upper School freshmen who each go their own way at school. Hannah likes Spanish and social studies; she plays tennis, basketball, and the violin. Hayley is into math, science, and diving; she loves Woodward for its freedom of choice and wide range of clubs and activities. While Hope shares Hayley’s interest in science, she’s into cheerleading and plans to try out for track this spring. (The girls’ older brother, J.T., graduated in 2016 and is now a junior at Harvard.)

Their parents, Carolyne and Ken, had this to say about WA:  “We’re grateful to the Woodward family for making our family part of this truly wonderful place. From K-12 with our son and currently with Hayley, Hannah, and Hope, we’ve seen preparedness, self-reliance, growth, and happiness at Woodward. As parents, what else could we dream for our children?”

For these family stories and more, including updates on academics, the arts, and athletics, as well as news about alumni, check out the fall-winter Woodward magazine (arriving in mailboxes soon!).

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