What Do Eagles Do When it Snows?

In light of the winter weather this week (and our communication team's own relative boredom while sitting at home!) we were struck by a question: what do (war) eagles do when it snows?

To answer this all-important question, we 1) interviewed 6th grade science teacher Monica Kuhlman to find out what happens to actual eagles in the snow and 2) solicited pictures from parents on social media to find out what happens to our very own War Eagles when it snows. Enjoy!

Beyond the Gate: Where do eagles go when it snows?

War Eagles flocking in the snow

Monica Kuhlman: Temperature and snow doesn't affect bald eagles. They generally migrate from colder areas in the north in search of water that isn't iced over so they can catch fish to eat. Many eagles winter along the northern part of the Mississippi River because they can find fish below the lock and dams where the water can't freeze over.

BTG: How do eagles stay warm in cold weather?

MK: An eagle has more than 7,000 feathers that provide downy warmth in cold temps. In winter, eagles will flock to a communal tree to conserve body heat and keep warm. Eagles also gorge themselves by eating a lot of food at once to provide calories to keep them warm. They also can reduce their body temperature at night so they are in a slightly hypothermic condition which conserves energy.

War Eagles unaffected by snow

BTG: Does snow affect their ability to fly?

MK: Eagles are not affected by the snow. They lay eggs, hunt, and fly around in the snow and actually seem to prefer the cooler climates.

Other photos and posts featuring our War Eagles (and their habitat) over the last few days.

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