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What Do You Love About Your Woodward Family?

Putting our own spin on Valentine's Day, we put this question to all members of our community: what do you love about your particular Woodward family? Parents, faculty, and students of all ages chimed in via our survey with their thoughts:

"I love the small family feeling at North. I love that the kids don’t bully or tease much and the kids all get along."

"I love how everyone is really open minded and has their own opinions. I like how most people aren’t the same and how diverse our campus is in terms of beliefs and culture."

"How they come together to to help each other in times of need."

"I love how everyone is willing to help each other. I feel a sense of support and community supporting me all the time."

"They are kind, friendly and very nice to each other and amazing people."

"They are nice and always help me read."

"I love my classmates they are all vary funny nice smart and kind and it is just a great school."

In addition, some of our younger students wrote their responses, and we loved everything they had to say -- page through their responses below. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in our community!


Beyond the Gate Editors

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