Woodward Celebrates Black History Month

Woodward celebrated Black History Month in February with a variety of projects, special guest speakers, and more. Look back on some of the highlights from the month below:

The first person we would like to spotlight is our very own mentor, Mrs. Shelley Carter. She started her career as a chemical engineer and has since become a teacher whose goal is to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM. One of her primary objectives is to encourage those who are minorities in the STEM community to pursue STEM careers. We would like to encourage others to #ShareYourSTEMStory and inspire those who may not see themselves commonly represented in STEM. #ShareYourSTEMStory #Diversity #STEM #DiversityInSTEM #WoodwardWay #Robotics #FRC #FIRST #Engineering #ThisIsWhatEngineersLookLike #WomenInStem #BlackHistoryMonth #ilooklikeanengineer

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