Woodward Experiences The Arts

Woodward Experiences The Arts


Experience the Arts Day is 36 years old and counting, but the annual Woodward tradition is more imaginative and awe-inspiring than ever...


On a beautiful spring day this year, Upper School visual and performing arts students took their craft onto the public lawn for other students, faculty, and staff to watch their work take shape.

Acrylic painting, watercolors, sculpting, pottery, jewelry-making, wood working, photography, screen printing, fiber arts, and so much more was on display while various bands, orchestras, and dance troupes performed in the central rotunda.

Upper School art teacher Mr. Greenway has grown the event every year since he got to Woodward 36 years ago, and on this particular spring day looked pleased as he watched such a variety of students all busily creating their masterpieces.

With over 300 Upper School students participating in the arts program each year, Experience the Arts Day is now a sprawling, rollicking good time, showcasing the diversity of offerings in Woodward's expansive arts program as well as the exceptional talent of our students.