Woodward Magazine Teaser: New Middle School Film Program

In the winter issue of Woodward Magazine, coming out early in the new year, we’re looking at the ways the WA education is preparing students for what’s ahead. In our feature section, “20/20: The Future in Focus,” we hear from faculty, staff, and students across the Academy about how their work is helping them look to 2020 and beyond. 

Below, enjoy a special online teaser for the upcoming magazine, featuring Middle Schooler film students Micaela Sanchez-Zinn and Jack Cobb, and their film teacher Nicholas Widener ‘TK about all the incredible work they’re doing in the MS film program.

Photography by Kelly Blockmon.


“In film class, we get to write screenplays, create films, and go live in front of our school. We are practicing how to shoot, write for film, and how to work with a team. My favorite project has been doing our morning announcements because I get to wake up every morning and start my day with my favorite class! This class is teaching me not only how to produce movies but also how to act on film, and it’s helping me for my future because I want to become an actress or a dancer, and I hope to be on TV one day.”



“In film class we are usually either doing one of three things: filming, editing, or brainstorming and writing down ideas for scripts. We started with small-scale projects, but will eventually get into the realm of working on larger projects. So far, my favorite project was about all the different types of shots and the ways that they should be taken. The world is evolving every day but I feel that no matter how much the world changes, people will always want entertainment, so it’s a great job choice. I hope to make some of my own films using the skills I’ve gained from this class.”



“I think film is the ultimate art form, because it’s a combination of every other medium, the ultimate text, and we are seeing content of this nature now more than ever. But our classes are about a deeper understanding of film production and film history. We need to be able to know how to read and interpret the films to fully enjoy the intent behind them. Developing a wide variety of taste within film is important, too. Just like our actual diet, a varied media diet is good for our film intellect. In each class, I hope students develop a critical eye and their own sense of taste.”


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