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Woodward North is Dotty!

In 2012, along with other Woodward Academy teachers, I had the privilege of attending the Building Learning Communities Conference in Boston. At the conference, I attended a session on student creativity called Make Your Mark and See Where It Takes You, led by Peter and Paul Reynolds. The Reynolds brothers are authors, illustrators, and creators extraordinaire, and elementary teachers are very familiar with one of their products used often in the classroom-- Stationery Studio. There was also much learning and fun to be had with Peter Reynolds' book, The Dot.

Returning to Woodward North, I was determined to have The Dot make its mark! My third grade class performed their annual assembly that year, celebrating the lessons learned by Vashti in Peter Reynolds' story. The following school year, as school counselor, I had the opportunity to bring the important lessons of The Dot to our entire school community. Children in all grades enjoyed The Dot's lessons about the importance of creativity, self-confidence, perseverance, mindset, and passion. That first Dot Day celebration we also saw, as we've seen every year since, the children just having a ton of FUN! The kids, especially our older students, could not enjoy more the activities surrounding Dot Day. It is wonderful to see 10- and 11-year-olds just having fun with something, which is in itself another lesson in the power of play as an important component of learning. We have been celebrating Dot Day every year and plan to do so in the future.

So if you ever happen to be in Johns Creek around September 15th-ish, be sure to stop by 6565 Boles Road and join us in our Dot Day celebration. The children will tell you everything you need to know about The Dot, and besides--you're sure to have fun!

Enjoy part of our Dot Day celebration featured on this video!


Ellen Adolph, Woodward North Counselor

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