Woodward Sixth Grader Learning to Fly a Plane

Lower School student Gabe P. started flying lessons over the summer. Beyond the Gate interviewed the sixth grader about the experience:

BG: Why did you decide to pursue flying lessons?
Gabe: I love flying and all types of aircraft. It's just my thing.

BG: Did you have to talk your parents into letting you take lessons?
Gabe: No, not really. My parents were supportive. My grandfather flies private planes, so we are used to it.

BG: What does it feel like to fly your own plane?
Gabe: It feels sort of free. Like I could go anywhere in the world just by sitting in a cockpit.

BG: What is your favorite part about piloting a plane?
Gabe: Being able to control the airplane.

BG: What are your favorite subjects/activities at school?
Gabe: Science and reading.

BG: What activities are you involved in after school?
Gabe: Boy Scouts and flying, obviously.

BG: Do you want to be a pilot when you grow up?
Gabe: Yes! I want to fly a Boeing 777 for Delta Air Lines.

BG: Would you recommend the experience of flying lessons to other students?
Gabe: Yes, if they aren't afraid roller coasters!

BG: Has flying lessons taught you skills that you have been able to apply in the classroom or your experience at WA?
Gabe: I have to work really hard to get my licence. Along with flying for 60 hours, I have to take a test. Once I am 16, I can get my solo flight licence. I think it teaches that you have to work really hard to get what you want.

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