Success Beyond Woodward: College Counseling
Success Beyond Woodward: College Counseling
Bryan Rutledge, Director of College Counseling

Greetings from Woodward Academy College Counseling! I joined the College Counseling team as director in July. Summer was the perfect time to make my way around Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, visiting many of the colleges and universities popular with Woodward students and parents. Meeting with admission directors and touring campuses, I've received a warm welcome thanks to their hospitality and Woodward's superb reputation.

Now that school is under way, our college counseling team is busily assisting students and parents with all the details of exploring and applying to college, whether close to home or in far-flung locales. What an adventure it is!

My background in college counseling, college admissions, coaching, and teaching English, history, and philosophy helps me appreciate the breadth of Woodward's offerings, and the talent and warmth of the many kind souls in our community. As a native Southerner, I feel like I've come home.

On the subject of offerings, I can't resist mentioning our extraordinary College Fair, which took place on Sunday afternoon, August 30, on campus. Our annual fair is truly national, with friendly admission representatives from approximately 270 colleges and universities, all eager to trumpet their learning communities. Throughout the fall semester, dozens of representatives from colleges and universities will visit Woodward to meet in small groups with interested students.

I embark on my first school year at the Academy with energy and optimism, grateful to join this community of extraordinary people and programs. Together we will help our students reach their potential.

Woodward Academy Students at College Fair

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