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Fifth-Grader Raises $18,000 for Local Jewish Organization

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Fifth-grader Sadie W. was recently featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times for her extraordinary fundraising efforts over the last two years. In 2017, when Sadie was 9, she set out to raise money in honor of her great-grandmother's approaching 95th birthday. 

During the last two years, Sadie sold lemonade, iced tea, and apple juice in front of her home, averaging about $47 per week. In addition to her lemonade stand, Sadie worked five to 10 hours each weekend at BrightWell Talent Solutions where her dad is the CEO. Additionally, she saved birthday and Chanukah gifts and secured some matching gifts for her charitable fundraising effort. She blew past her initial goal of $5,000 and raised more than $18,000 to donate to Atlanta Scholars Kollel for her great-grandmother Mirian Stein's birthday as a surprise gift.

For her next undertaking, Sadie plans to dedicate a Torah in honor of her deceased relatives.

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