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Middle School Art Students, Winners in Scholastic Art Competition

The following Middle School students have been selected from students across Georgia as winners in the Scholastic Art Competition in the Middle School Art Category:

  • Anna Schwartz, 8th - Photography Gold Key* 

  • Charles Walker, 8th - Photography Gold Key*

*Gold Key winners have their artwork forwarded to New York City for the National Scholastic Art Competition.

  • Themathy Joseph, 8th - Jewelry Silver Key

  • Abigail Mechlowitz, 8th - Photography Silver Key (2)

  • Michelle Zhang, 8th - Photography Silver Key 

  • Carrie Ash, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention

  • Julia Bender, 8th - Sculpture Honorable Mention

  • Parker Hastie, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention

  • Abigail Mechlowitz, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention (4)

  • Madelyn Miller, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention

  • Navy Nash, 8th - Ceramics Honorable Mention

  • Aneri Patel, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention (2)

  • Virginia Wilson, 7th - Photography Honorable Mention

  • Michelle Zhang, 8th - Photography Honorable Mention

The Scholastic Art Competition, the largest art competition in the United States, is held at both regional and national levels. More than 50,000 students earned Honorable Mentions, Silver Keys, and Gold Keys in regional Scholastic Art Awards. Works designated as Gold Keys will be forwarded for national level competition in New York City.

Photo by Abigail Mechlowitz

Abigail Mechlowitz

Photo by Anna Schwartz

Anna Schwartz

Photo by Charles Walker

Charles Walker

Photo by Michelle Zhang

Michelle Zhang

Ring by Temathy Joseph

Temathy Joseph

Photo by Abigail Mechlowitz

Abigail Mechlowitz

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