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Middle School Visual Art Students Selected for Local Showcase

Ten Middle School visual arts students have work displayed in the local 2021 College Park Arts Showcase. This inaugural arts display celebrates National Arts and Humanities Month during October by showcasing student work in local businesses and City Hall. 

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Cecillia Cohen, “Ballerina” Digital Photography
  • Hannah Ferdinands, “Our Reality” Digital Photography
  • Ryan French, “Head full of Roses” Digital Photography
  • Raina Gupta, “Plotting in the Dark” Digital Photography
  • Nina Hylton, “Reading” Digital Photography
  • Elizabeth Jung, “Two Sides” Digital Photography
  • Kathleen Park, “The Ruined Fighter” Digital Photography
  • Lucy Stong, “Umbrella Under the Sun” Digital Photography
  • Ysabel Sullivan,“Lady in Purple” Digital Photography
  • Rowyn Turpening, “Not Everything is Black & White” Digital Photography
%22Ballerina%22 by Cecillia Cohen

"Ballerina" by Cecillia Cohen

%22Head Full of Roses%22 by Ryan French

"Head Full of Roses" by Ryan French

%22Our Reality%22 by Hannah Ferdinands

"Our Reality" by Hannah Ferdinands

%22Plotting in the Dark%22 by Raina Gupta

"Plotting in the Dark" by Raina Gupta

%22Reading%22 by Nina Hylton

"Reading" by Nina Hylton

%22The Ruined Fighter%22 by Kathleen Park

"The Ruined Fighter" by Kathleen Park

%22Two Sides%22 by Elizabeth Jung

"Two Sides" by Elizabeth Jung

%22Umbrella Under the Sun%22 by Lucy Stong

"Umbrella Under the Sun" by Lucy Stong

%22Not Everything is Black and White%22 by Rowyn Turpening

"Not Everything is Black and White" by Rowyn Turpening

%22Lady in Purple%22 by Ysabel Sullivan

"Lady in Purple" by Ysabel Sullivan

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