Meet our Concessions Chair

Kisha and her husband, Robert, have a son in grade 11 and a son who graduated from Woodward in 2017. As concessions chair, Kisha, makes sure everyone that visits the concession stands at all Woodward events is able to get a quick bite to eat. Pre-Covid she had the opportunity to engage with our student volunteers while they helped her organize, prep, and serve the guests. Kisha misses being able to get to know her student helpers. Kisha and her husband chose Woodward for its diversity and academic rigor. as well as the schools' beautiful landscape. They have enjoyed spending more time with their sons during the pandemic. Kisha is looking forward to serving the spectators from the concession stand while engaging with the vibrant Woodward students once life returns to normal. Some fun facts about Kisha: her favorite movie is The Whiz, her favorite food is a Jamaican dish - Escovitch Snapper with rice and peas and plantains, and she owns a Subway franchise.