Meet our Consignment Shop Co-Manager

Dori Wofford is the Consignment Shop Co-Manager. She and her husband, Russ, have a son in grade 9. Dori runs the Consignment Shop with Sheila Schifilliti. The Shop serves the WA community by consigning and selling used books and uniforms at a discount. Parents benefit by purchasing these gently used items at half price and also making money when they consign those things their students no longer need.  The proceeds fund parent community activities and also further WA’s goal to become more sustainable and help the environment. 

When Dori and her husband first looked at the Woodward eleven years ago for their oldest son, one of their requirements was to find that rare school that would offer all three of their very different boys a place to grow and thrive. With the large, diverse student body and an impressive array of activities, they thought each son would find their own place. It worked! All three of their boys enjoyed wrestling in middle school. The coaches are amazing at teaching what is often a new sport for most of the students.  Also, they learned the value of working hard, how to manage their time wisely, and, of course, the importance of good sportsmanship. Most of all, they had fun, met new friends, and learned to see the coaches as more than teachers — they became trusted mentors and role models.

Once things return to normal, Dori is looking forward to traveling and visiting friends and family.  It’s been hard to not spend time with their elderly parents!