Meet our Middle School Co-Vice Chair

Nilam Patel is the Middle School Co-Vice Chair. She and her husband, Mehul, have children in grades 5 (North) and 7. One of the bright spots of the pandemic for their family has been time to cook more and try new recipes. Nilam is also an avid reader. 

Their Woodward experience has been unique since their children started at Woodward North, 27 miles from Main Campus.  They never would have imagined that the transition to Main Campus, especially in the midst of the pandemic, would be smooth or easy.  Surprisingly, it has been the best experience, largely due to the faculty and administration at the Middle School. They are so pleased with the transition and everything WA has done to facilitate it. 

They chose Woodward not only for their diversity and strong academic record but also for their ability to guide students to become effective global citizens as they move forward in their lives.