Consigning Process
Consignment Drop-off Process
  • All consignments are drop-off only.
  • The drop-off location is on Lee Street at the Consignment Shop back door. Walk through the black gate to the right of the garage and up the ramp. Leave your items in an empty bin by the back door.
  • The Consignment Shop is on the corner of Lee Street and Walker Avenue - No. 22 on the Campus Map.
  • You may drop off your items anytime the shop is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 - 4 p.m. when school is in session.
  • Please include a completed Consignment Drop Off Form in each bag and box.
  • If you have 3 bags of consignments, you will need to print out 3 forms - 1 for each bag.  
  • Due to Covid-19, we are not sure how many parents will be shopping at the Consignment Shop and have no way of knowing if your items will sell. Please consider this when consigning with us.

Consignment Drop Off Form

Consigning Uniforms
  • Inspect the condition of all clothing and make sure all items are clean and in good condition (no tears, stains, paint, markers, underarm stains, broken zippers, missing buttons or clasps, or missing hems).
  • We will donate any uniforms that are not suitable for resale without notifying the consigner. Donated clothing will be recycled or go to local charities.
  • We will not return unsellable items.
  • When inspecting your WA clothing, set aside any uniforms not suitable for consignment. Place these items in a separate bag and label “Donate to Recycle Program.” We would rather you give these items to us to recycle instead of Goodwill where a non-Woodward student could purchase them and wear them on campus.
  • Organize by style, size, and color. Example: all short sleeve, size small, navy polos in one group.
  • Please fold all clothing and place it in a bag or box with the Consignment Drop Off Form.
Consigning Books
  • Books must be in good condition (no water damage, torn pages, broken bindings, excessive highlighting, or excessive notes).
  • We will donate any book that has been discontinued or that is not suitable for resale without notifying the consigner. Donated books will go to local charities.
  • We will not return unsellable items.
  • We only consign textbooks currently used by the Academy.
  • Be sure to include a Consignment Drop Off Form when consigning books.
  • Review the Consignment Shop Book List for a list of current books we are accepting.
  • Carefully check editions and publication dates. Some books have the same title but older editions, which we cannot consign.
  • We will create a Consignment Shop Contract listing all your items.
  • Items will be entered into our computer system. It may take us several months to do this, due to Covid-19. 
  • Your contract date does not start until items are entered into our computer system. 
  • Your contract ends one year from the time your consignment is added to our computer system.
  • Any available money on your account at the end of your contract year will be donated to the Parent Community. 
  • Consigners receive 50% of the selling price.
  • Once an item sells, the proceeds will be available in your account. 
  • It is your responsibility to email the Consignment Shop to request funds in your account. 
  • You may request a check with a $1.00 processing fee or available money may be used as store credit.
  • All Consignment Store proceeds are given back to the Parent Community, which benefits all the students.