Inclement Weather


In the event of school delays or closing, Woodward Academy will notify you in the following ways:

  • Academy-wide Email
  • Text Messages to Your Cell Phone Number (To ensure your cell phone number is up-to-date, please visit the Parent Portal and click on “Update My Contact Information.”)
  • Woodward Website Alert
  • Television and Radio Station Listings
  • Social Media (Due to the limitations of social media, please use one of the four communication sources above to confirm any weather-related updates from Woodward.)

If inclement weather occurs during the school day and students are required to take shelter (e.g., in the case of a tornado warning), Woodward Academy will notify you at the beginning and end of the shelter-in, via email and text message.

If the Academy is open during inclement weather, parents should use their best judgment as to whether their children should attend school. (Absences due to inclement weather are excused.) If inclement weather develops after students have arrived on campus, the Academy may close early or delay student departure. Transportation updates will be posted online and delivered via email.


Woodward Academy is fortunate to have a lightning prediction and warning system called Thor Guard. This system alerts us when conditions are favorable for lightning strikes. When the Thor Guard is activated for the safety of our students and staff, everyone must remain inside a building. Buses and MARTA shuttles will be delayed from departing until the system is clear. If you are picking your child up for carpool, we will not release your child to go outside unless he or she is accompanied by a parent.

We have developed a plan that will allow our students to use the flexibility of technology to meet school mandates while minimizing the need for make-up days. Each of our schools at Woodward has tailored its plan to be age-appropriate, with the goal of continued learning that is consistent across classes and relevant to the current curriculum.

  • When a school closing is anticipated for the next day, our faculty will ask students to take home the required resources to continue learning at home.
  • If school is closed for two days, no assignments will be given, other than pre-planned homework requirements posted on the Classroom Portal (for Middle School and Upper School).
  • If school is closed for a third day, your child’s teachers will post assignments and instructions on the Classroom Portal, no later than noon that day.
  • If students are unable to complete the assignments due to power outages or other unforeseen circumstances, they will be given additional time to make up the work upon their return to school, in accordance with the “sick day” policies in the school handbook.
  • All assignment due dates and testing dates will be determined at the discretion of faculty, with your child’s well-being as the first priority.