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Middle School

Middle School Pick-up / Drop-Off Directions & Guidelines

We have organized an Academy-wide student supply Pick-Up & Drop-Off schedule to take place over the coming weeks. Please follow the guidelines and directions listed below to maintain safety and follow social distancing guidelines during this time.

General Directions

  • We ask that parents stay in the car to minimize the number of people in the building.
  • Students should wear masks and follow signage for pick-up and drop-off of materials and devices.
  • Students should not linger on campus and should maintain social distancing at all times.

Middle School Guidelines

All Middle School students will meet in the Quad and follow signs to line-up and check-in with a faculty member before proceeding to stations.

  • Students should gather library books, borrowed items such as uniforms or peer leader t-shirts, iPads and accessories (8th graders and non-returning 7th graders only) to return to school.
  • Once parents drop-off students near the Middle School quad, they may remain parked along Adams, Jackson, or in front of the parking lot. We ask that parents stay in the car while students proceed to stations.
  • Students should wear masks and follow signage for pick-up and drop-off of materials and devices.

Middle School Art Building 

  • Enter through the main doors from the quad.
  • Exit through the side doors.

Middle School Cafeteria: iPad Drop-Off

  • Enter through double doors on the faculty side of the cafeteria.
  • Wait in line until you are called. Only one student at a time is allowed at the iPad station.
  • Exit through the student side of the cafeteria.

Middle School Performing Arts

  • Students will enter Richardson Hall via the front doors on the ground floor (by the Band Room) and proceed into Johnson Theatre and deposit items on the stage of Johnson Theatre.
  • Exit through the side doors.
  • Note: Be sure to clearly label all items with student name and grade.

Middle School Athletics

  • Students will enter the athletic facility using the Colquitt Stadium personnel gate. From here, students can enter the outdoors locker rooms if needed, the PE locker rooms in Dobbs, or the team locker rooms in the hallway adjacent to the trainer's room. 
  • MS Uniform drop-off in the Middle School Locker Room of Dobbs Gym. 
  • Note: All athletic uniforms should be returned in clear plastic bags with a note stating the name of the student, student’s grade, and the sport they played.
  • Exit the facility using the double glass doors to Paget Gym.