We know you are busy and that's why we make getting to Woodward as convenient as possible. Our top-safety rated buses are equipped with state-of-the art amenities including air conditioning, WiFi, USB ports, reading lights, and a student tracking system that lets parents see in real-time when their child gets on and off the bus. (See our Bus Schedules below to find your nearest stop.) Because we are sensitive to the needs and schedules of our families, our buses even leave early on Fridays to get our students home promptly! Woodward security officers accompany 350+ students on MARTA every day, and other families join our Carpool-to-School service. Learn more details below.

A Woodward shuttle bus between Main Campus and the College Park MARTA station (one mile from campus) is provided in the morning and afternoon on all school days by Woodward's Student Transportation department. The shuttle is located on the East Main Street side of the College Park station. Please note we do not offer GPS tracking for the MARTA shuttles.

Because our families arrive at Woodward from more than 100 zips and 23 counties, we know the ability to carpool is of high value to you. For your convenience, Woodward Academy offers a carpool service that will allow you to find other families in your home area who would like to carpool to campus or to the nearest MARTA station.

Please visit Carpool to School today to join this service, where you will have access to instructional videos and a chat window for assistance. In addition, you may email the Woodward IT Department at or call our IT Department at 404.765.4130 for assistance.

We hope our family carpool service will make the school commute easier and more enjoyable for your family. Carpooling not only saves time and expense but also offers students and their families an opportunity to make new friends within our Woodward community.

Carpool to School

Carpool to School is Woodward Academy's carpool service that will allow you to find other families in your home area who would like to carpool to campus or to the nearest MARTA station.

If you don’t have a Carpool to School account, please register here


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Anatomy of a Bus

Our buses are equipped with the latest technology, the best drivers, and the most up-to-date safety measures so that, no matter where you’re coming from, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to Woodward...and even get your homework done!

Contact Information

Emergency contact for bus riders: Bus Dispatch - 404.765.4520 or

Help with routes, bus procedures, registration, or payments: Transportation Concierge at 404.765.4530 or