Transportation is something we pride ourselves on at Woodward. Ways of getting to Woodward include our bus system, used by approximately 620 students on 30 different routes. Our bus service covers all of metro Atlanta, with stops at centrally located churches and shopping centers, and flexibility for riders to use different locations. Students can ride mornings, afternoons, or both, and there are multiple afternoon departures so students can take part in after-school activities. Even students who use other forms of transportation to and from school still benefit from our bus system, which also serves our athletics programs, field trips, and even shuttle runs across campus. While our bus system is expansive, as with everything else, it’s the little things that count. Thanks to THE WOODWARD FUND, our buses are equipped with the latest technology, the best drivers, and the most up-to-date safety measures so that, no matter where you’re coming from, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to Woodward...and even get your homework done!

ID Tracking

Woodward provides the mobile app SafeStop, a combination GPS and student ID tracking app for students who regularly ride the bus, as a free service to our parents. The app updates every 30 seconds and can be used to track your student’s bus as well as send you automatic notifications when your student enters and exits the bus.



Driver training and safety training make sure our drivers are highly qualified and ready to handle anything that might come their way.

USB, Lights, Wi-Fi, Climate

Homework assignment online? No problem—log on to the Wi-Fi, turn on the reading lights, charge up with the USB port, and use the climate controls to get comfortable.

Digital Video Cameras

Security is important to us—we always know what’s happening on our buses.

Safety & Seatbelts

We enjoy the highest safety rating from the U.S. Department of Transportation, and three-point harness seatbelts help in keeping us safe.

Radio Communication

Our drivers stay connected


We always know exactly where we're going, and the fastest route to get there.