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Upper School Handbook

Upper School Student Handbook
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Upper School Daily Schedule 2018-19

Scheduling & Curriculum Guide



Transition / Accommodations

International Language Certifications

Transcript Requests

For ALUMNI and FORMER students to request transcript, please use this web form.

(Underclassmen contact Kechia Minter in the Academic Dean's Office and current seniors contact Meg Jordan in College Counseling.)

From August 1 to June 30, please allow seven to ten business days between the request and the time you need your transcript. All offices at Woodward Academy close during these times each year. Please use the main calendar to confirm dates.

  • Week of Thanksgiving
  • Two weeks at the Christmas/Semester Break
  • Spring break in March
  • Week of July 4th*
*The Academic Dean's office closes for the month of July. Transcript requests will be handled one day a week during the second, third, and fourth weeks of July.

Note: No transcript can be released unless the student's financial obligations to Woodward Academy have been met; if you have questions about whether or not the Dean's office will be permitted to release your records, please contact Woodward Academy's Business Office at 404.765.4021.

cocurricular activities

Athletics Parent Resources

Letter Jacket Information & Policies

As students consider the purchase of a varsity letter jacket, please see the Letter Jacket and Policies information.


Please visit the Student Transportation page for general policies.

To ensure that Woodward students are safe while moving to and from school-related activities:

  • Students who travel to school-related activities in school vehicles must also return with the group/team unless:
    a) Before traveling, the student presents the driver and/or faculty member/coach responsible for transporting the students with written authorization from the parent permitting the student to leave the activity with another specified adult; OR
    b) At the event, the parent meets directly with the driver and/or faculty member/coach responsible for transporting the students and provides oral authorization for the student to leave the activity with the parent or other specified adult. Telephone calls are insufficient verification of parental authority.
  • Students may drive themselves to and/or from school-related activities as long as:
    a) The faculty supervisor/coach/employee does not require the team/club/group to travel together AND
    b.) the faculty supervisor/coach/bus driver receives prior written authorization from the student’s parent for the student to drive to and/or from the activity.
  • Faculty members / coaches / employees will not transport students in their personal vehicles.

Athletic Pass

The Woodward Academy Athletic Department and the Parent Community are once again pleased to provide you with a complimentary Athletic Pass for the 2016-17 school year. This pass will allow free admission to home athletic events.

If you have not already picked up your pass, you may pick it up at the Athletic Office any time Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please take note of the following helpful tips and guidelines:

  • This Athletic Pass is not valid for away events, scrimmages, invitational, and/or regional tournaments, nor for Georgia High School Association (GHSA) post-season events.
  • Each Woodward Academy parent (not family) will receive one AthleticPass with a unique barcode. Each parent must use their own AthleticPass.
  • This will be the only complimentary Athletic Pass you will receive. A fee will be charged for any replacement passes. Therefore, it is highly recommended you take a photo of your pass, including the barcode, with a camera-enabled smartphone in case your card is lost or stolen.
  • Spectators entering events without a WA Athletic Pass will be charged the posted entry fee.
  • This Athletic Pass will help volunteers at the entrance gates to identify you as a Woodward Academy parent, so please have your pass ready to scan at the gate. Upper and Middle School students will enter free of charge by showing their Woodward student ID card. Lower and Primary school students do not need an ID when entering with a parent.


*Please note: admission fees will be charged for away games and GHSA events such as playoffs, scrimmages, tournaments and, championships.


In addition to the many valuable opportunities Woodward Academy provides students to travel and study abroad during school holidays and summer, the Academy also provides a limited number of exciting study away opportunities during the academic year.

Learn more about Woodward's Study Away program.

Diploma Distinctions