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Woodward North

Woodward North Pick-up / Drop-off Directions & Guidelines

We have organized an Academy-wide student supply Pick-Up & Drop-Off schedule to take place over the coming weeks. Please follow the guidelines and directions listed below to maintain safety and follow social distancing guidelines during this time.

General Directions

  • We ask that parents of younger students accompany their child into the building to pick-up materials. Otherwise, we encourage all parents to stay in their car to minimize the number of people in the building. 
  • Students should wear masks and follow signage for pick-up and drop-off of materials and devices.
  • Students should not linger on campus and should maintain social distancing at all times. 

Enter through the front door and go to the following designated stations:

  • Library - Drop-off all library books and laptops.
  • Classrooms - Drop-off books and pick up bagged classroom supplies.
  • Medications - Pick-up from Nurse in the infirmary.