Enhanced Measures

Enhanced Measures

The Facilities department investigated many strategies, as described and recommended in documents produced by the CDC and ASHRAE. Four leading strategies were included in this investigation:

  1. Increased ventilation/fresh air exchanges 
  2. Increased frequency of filter changes
  3. Installing higher MERV level air filters
  4. The use of UV light treatment 

Of these four, increasing the fresh air exchange (using our Building Automation System), increasing our frequency of filter changes, and raising the MERV level to 13 for all of our buildings were determined to be the most feasible and maintainable. These also are recommended best practices as described by ASHRAE.

Additionally, over the past month, Woodward's trades department has replaced all of the air filters that were in our HVAC systems prior to the closing of campus in March. We have on hand, and will install, MERV 13 filters in all of our Academic Buildings (to include Athletics) prior to the return of students.

In addition to the routine custodial cleaning, Woodward has implemented an enhanced frequency to clean and disinfect common areas and commonly touched surfaces in classroom and athletic buildings. Touchpoints such as entrance handles, stairwell handrails, elevator buttons, tables, restroom stall handles/doors, and faucet handles will be cleaned and disinfected  twice during the day and again in the evening, using EPA-registered disinfectants

Each classroom will have a supply of microfiber cloths, EPA-registered disinfectants, and wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the day, as needed. Every evening, desk and chair surfaces in each classroom will be cleaned and disinfected, to include the use of an Electrostatic Sprayer (either the Clorox Total 360 or GenEON brand sprayers) with an EPA-registered disinfectant to fog the entire space.