Lunch & Snack

Lunch & Snack

Woodward provides a nutritionally balanced lunch served in individually packaged containers in their class room or Advisory room. Students make their meal selection for the following day either during the lunch period in their Advisory room (MS & US), or in their classroom at the beginning of the school day (PS, LS, and WN).

Two entrees are available daily, which include a vegetarian choice. Students also can select a vegan or a gluten-free meal choice. All meals are peanut and shellfish free. Dining Services works with Health Services to identify personal dietary needs from the student medical records.

In an effort to be as sustainable as possible during these revised lunch operations, we ask that each student bring their own filled water bottled to school each day to avoid any unnecessary usage of bottled water.

Additionally, students and teachers follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Student lunch orders are taken by the teacher upon arrival to class.
  • Morning and afternoon snacks are available in the classroom at Primary School, Woodward North grades PK-3, and in After School Care at Lower School. 
  • Prior to lunch, desks are cleared and sanitized with disinfectant solution and a microfiber cloth.
  • Meals are delivered to the classroom by the Dining Services staff. (In the US & MS, meals will be delivered to Advisory.)
  • Prior to eating, students wash hands thoroughly with soap and water; if not available, students use hand sanitizer.
  • Teachers distribute pre-packaged lunches to the seated students.
  • Students may remove their face coverings once all students are seated.
  • While eating in the classroom, all students remain in their seats.
  • Once students have finished eating, everyone puts on their face covering.
  • Students line up and carry their own food waste to designated collection areas.
  • Prior to post lunch dismissal, teachers and students spray each desk with disinfectant solution and wipe down the desks.
  • Students must use hand sanitizer provided or, if possible, go to the bathroom and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before proceeding to the next class.