Performing Arts Classes

Performing Arts Classes

In the Primary School and Woodward North, students will not sing until further notice. Students in music class focus on playing instruments and learning to read music, while practicing physical distancing of at least six feet or more and wearing face masks.

The Lower School allows singing in the chorus room, which allows for at least six feet of distance between students, and holds outdoor classes when possible. Lower School choral teachers also incorporate lessons that don’t involve singing, including an emphasis on music history and learning to read music.

All Performing Arts students and teachers in the Middle School and Upper School are required to wear a mask at all times while indoors. Playing instruments without a mask is allowed only outdoors. Physical distancing in Upper School and Middle School also is at least six feet, with the goal of nine to 10 feet in situations where students are singing.

Each school has specific guidelines communicated directly to families. Additional general precautions include:

  • Teachers use controlled entrances and exits so students are not entering and exiting through the same door. There is no congregating in common areas for backpack and/or instrument pick up and drop off. Students keep belongings with them.
  • Students have designated spaces, so that in the event of a positive COVID test, contact tracers will know which students were in proximity to each other.
  • When face coverings need to be removed to perform in class, they are be slid under a student’s chin and not taken off completely.
  • Materials such as music and scripts are distributed electronically. Students have their own personal scores of music, instruments, and writing utensils and will not be permitted to share.
  • Performances continue to be virtual or in small groups when distancing can be achieved.
  • Teachers and students use disinfectant spray and microfiber cloths to wipe down music stands and any other common surfaces touched by the students before and at the end of each class.
  • Teachers use disinfectant spray and microfiber cloths to wipe down large community equipment after each class (percussion instruments and piano).
  • Practice rooms and private lessons are off-limits for student instruction until further notice.

Woodward continues to follow recommendations provided by the Georgia Music Educators Association. Given the unprecedented times, all plans are subject to change depending on guidance from the Department of Health and developments in the outbreak.