At Woodward, our global reach is an important part of our identity.

In 2014, we created the International and Global Connections program to provide even more opportunities for our students, so they gain a deep understanding of the differences that make cultures unique and the similarities that connect us all. Our program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach. Students can take advantage of travel and study abroad programs—sometimes for course credit—in a large number of countries around the world, including China, France, Costa Rica, Spain, and Italy.
We have sister schools in Australia, Venezuela, China, and France, as well as very strong ties to The Terranova School, our sister school in Mazabuka, Zambia, where faculty members and students travel every summer to provide service while learning about wildlife conservation and the economic conditions affecting Sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to develop a partner school in a country of every language we teach.
Each year, we welcome international students to study in our Middle and Upper Schools while staying with host families, and Woodward students can pursue opportunities to spend their junior year studying abroad. We are the first school in Atlanta to become a testing center for language proficiency certifications, which enable our students to attend universities abroad and eventually find work in the countries of their language. For more information, visit our International Admissions page.

"Before coming to Woodward, I didn't know people in other classes because we sat in the same classroom all day for all of our classes. Now I see so many different people every day, all heading to different places with different skin colors and eye colors, talking in different ways. To me, it is a brand new feeling: to actually feel the beauty of differences and uniformity at the same time."

-Phoenix Yifei Xu '19

Worldwide Opportunities

Upcoming Trips

Every year, Woodward Academy offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of our global society through trips sponsored by faculty members both at the Middle School and Upper School levels. All the trips are designed with a learning element that can range from a total immersion setting to a service project.

Study Abroad

Students who desire to study abroad to both improve their language skills and their cultural awareness can choose between summer programs or year-long programs with one of our partners.


In addition to the many valuable opportunities Woodward Academy provides students to travel and study abroad during school holidays and summer, the Academy also provides a limited number of exciting study away opportunities during the academic year.

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International Language Certifications

Woodward Academy is committed to offering great opportunities to its students, and taking an International Language Exam is one way to extend what they have learned in the classroom to potential international studies and careers.

Students who qualify take placement tests in the following languages:

These tests are internationally recognized and approved by foreign governments and universities. Most of the exams follow the Common European Framework of

Reference for Languages.

International Language Certification Exams


    Our Partner & Sister Schools

    Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School
    Shenzhen, China
    Since 2014

    Shanghai Shangnan Middle School
    Shanghai, China
    Since 2014

    Lycée St Paul
    Roanne, France
    Since 2013

    Mazabuka, Zambia
    Since 2004

    Colegio Internacional de Carabobo
    Valencia, Venezuela
    Since 1998

    Escuela Bella Vista
    Maracaibo, Venezuela
    Since 1998

    Pittwater House School
    Collaroy, Australia
    Since 1991

    Where have we traveled?

    Dominican Republic
    Since 2014

    (including Bruges)
    Since 2013

    Costa Rica 
    Since 2011

    Since 2011

    Since 2005

    (including Venice, the Amalfi Coast)
    Since 2004

    (including Paris, Provence, Normandy, the Riviera)
    Since 2003

    (including Madrid, Barcelona, Cataluña)
    Since 2002


    Galapagos Islands

    Since 2015

    China (3 trips)
    Since 2009

    France (2 trips, including a homestay)
    Japan (5 trips)
    Since 2006

    Since 2005


    Since 2007

    Since 2008

    Woodward Academy is the first school in the nation to implement the International Certification testing program for Upper School students on the HP and AP tracks for five languages.




    Czech Republic




    "The impact of studying abroad for a year in high school is hard to describe... All of my presumptions about China were tested, and many were wrong. My diet changed, my means of transportation changed, and my point of view changed. I learned about the complex and deep history of China and could see some of the places where these important events happened… The complexity of life [was] shown to me, far beyond my limited view from my life in America. As I said in my Chinese speech in the second semester: 来中国以前的女孩子和回美国的女孩子真的不一样,可是我喜欢新的我。The girl who left for China and the girl who returned to America were not the same person, but I like the new me."- Alexa Flesch '17, studied abroad 2015-2016 in China

    Woodward students in Ecuador
    Woodward Academy students in Ecuador during the summer of 2015.
    "As Director of International and Global Connections at Woodward, I strive to help our students not only to understand our global communities better, but to experience them firsthand either on our campus or while studying and traveling abroad. With more international students attending our Academy and opportunities to travel abroad expanding each year, Woodward is continually bringing people closer around the world."

    –Stéphane Allagnon

    Stephane Allagnon

    Stephane Allagnon

    Titles: Director of International & Global Connections