Study Away

In addition to the many valuable opportunities Woodward Academy provides students to travel and study abroad during school holidays and summer, the Academy also provides a limited number of exciting study away opportunities during the academic year.

Studying abroad during the academic year is limited to junior students in approved programs only. The Upper School approves a total of six semesters away per academic year to interested juniors who are selected by programs approved by Woodward to participate in a semester- or year-long educational study program (i.e., a student selected for School Year Abroad would occupy two of the six semesters available for study away programs in a given academic year).

Programs are approved by the Upper School Principal and Academic Dean prior to the beginning of the program. At the conclusion of a study away program, students will be allowed to return to their appropriate grade level at Woodward with an enrollment spot available to them, as long as they have completed their respective program in good standing, both academically and behaviorally. Vintage Eagles will retain their status if they are approved and accepted into approved programs.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Woodward-approved programs include High School in Israel (one semester), Oxbow School Art Program (one semester), and School Year Abroad (two semesters). Courses from these three programs will be noted on Woodward’s transcripts as TR-courses but will be awarded credit by the respective program (including HP and AP) on GPA calculations. Study away courses will count toward graduation credits. No more than six core HP or AP courses per semester will be included in the credit count toward graduation from Woodward with honors. The Academic Dean, Registrar, and School Counselor must be kept informed of any students interested in the School Year Abroad and the Oxbow School Art Program.

School Year Abroad (SYA)

The Director of International and Global Connections is the liaison to SYA and coordinates the information session for prospective sophomore candidates. The director receives and tracks the names and applications of interested students. The director works with the Academic Dean to decide which students have the profile to be successful, and thus, are allowed to apply (usually no more than two students or four semesters). Contact the Director of International and Global Connections for more information.

High School in Israel

School counselors work with the Academic Dean to discuss the suitability of interested sophomore students in the High School in Israel program. If a student meets the requirements to participate, they are then connected to the Director of International and Global Connections to pursue the opportunity. The Academic Dean makes the final decision on adding student(s) to an approved study away list. Contact the Director of International and Global Connections for more information.

The Oxbow School Art Program

The Visual Arts Department Chair acts as liaison to the Oxbow School marketing personnel. The chair decides which junior(s) would benefit from the immersive art study offered at Oxbow and then consults with the Academic Dean. The second semester is the preferred semester to study away for this program; however, first semester is possible. Contact the Visual Arts Department Chair for more information.