Service Learning

At Woodward, service to others is part of our DNA. Our students devote more than 5,000 hours to service projects annually. Our focus on service learning and volunteerism allows us to create a sense of community and educate students about civic engagement locally, nationally, and globally. Service experiences help shape our students into critical thinkers and ethical problem solvers. Because our alumni carry these experiences with them, Woodward makes the world a better place.

Woodward partners will local and global organizations to increase knowledge about the inequalities, disparities, and injustices that face the world today. When students graduate from Woodward, they are prepared to engage in both meaningful service and challenging conversations that define their individual journey and perspective.

"I believe that through service, you can gain a better understanding of others and their differences, as well as an action-oriented mindset. We truly do have the opportunity to impact the lives of others." -Hannah Watkoske '18
We believe that service learning is more than a single day's event. In order to truly see the value of service and volunteerism, our school introduces these ideals with our youngest students in the Primary School, while gradually implementing course material that parallels the actions and experiences being accomplished in the upper levels. When students arrive in the Upper School, academic classes are available for students to continue to engage and define how service learning becomes and integral aspect of their lives.

"The tools our students gain through service learning are intangible. When they engage with individuals outside of our school community, they learn about themselves as students, as people, and as members of a much greater community of 'do-ers.' They see the value of action and can incite conversations with others about topics that are relevant and engaging." -David-Aaron Roth, Service Learning Coordinator
Every school embraces its own, age-appropriate service projects that focus on the importance of hands-on, project-based learning. As students continue to grow, we believe it is vital that they understand how service and learning work in tandem for more meaningful, long-term engagement. In order to accomplish this, Woodward has aligned the curriculum Academy-wide to implement an intentional and developed Service Learning program that builds upon the foundation of volunteerism and grows habits of a more defined global citizenry by graduation. Additionally, all five schools combine forces for three annual service projects, including:

  • A canned food drive benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank
  • A fundraiser for The Terranova School, our sister school in Zambia
  • A school-specific experience to fundraise and raise awareness for our neighborhood Jesse Draper Boys & Girls Club

The following organizations are just a few that Woodward partners with each year:

  • Horizons at Woodward
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Save the Children
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Star Tree
  • Adopt a Family

$500,000 donated to Jesse Draper Boys & Girls Club since 1997

16,000 lbs of food and $26,355 donated to Atlanta Community Food Bank in 2017

$225,000 raised for the Terranova School in last ten years