The Woodward-Zambia Connection

In 2004, Woodward Academy established a sister school relationship with the Terranova School in Mazabuka, Zambia.

Run by Colin and Allison Street and residing on the Street's 4,000 acre farm, Terranova has become one of the most successful public schools in southern Africa, educating 400 students in grades 1-12. More than a dozen graduates are attending universities, an almost unheard of accomplishment among impoverished Zambians, and the school has brought clean water, health care services, electricity, and a renewed sense of purpose to people in the neighboring community.

Each year, Woodward raises funds in support of Terranova School. Woodward has raised tens of thousands of dollars to provide books, computer equipment, school supplies, and uniforms. During summer trips to Terranova, our faculty and students have helped build the Terranova campus to 20 classrooms buildings, a library with thousands of books, bathrooms, living quarters for faculty, a computer lab, biology and chemistry labs. We also have provided college scholarships for students in need.

Terranova is the first school in Zambia to offer an artisan school which provides vocational training in carpentry, welding, plumbing, electrical, and masonry to students who cannot afford to attend university or prefer to work in those fields, giving them the skills to obtain well-paying jobs.

Every summer, Woodward Academy sends a contingent of faculty, staff, and students to Terranova to help teach classes at the school, administer vision exams in the medical clinic, and provide technology support and improvements for the school while learning about the economy of sub Saharan Africa and getting to know the students at our Zambian sister school.

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