Every morning or full-day camp at both Main Campus and Woodward North includes a hot, healthy lunch made by our exceptional dining staff. In addition, WACtivity campers at both locations enjoy an afternoon snack. All meals and snacks are included in camp fees. View a sample lunch menu here.

Age of Campers

Camp offerings are geared for specific age ranges. Parents will be guided to the appropriate camps during the registration process. Children must be at least 5 years old to attend any summer camp.

Children with Special Needs

Woodward Academy summer camps are not designed for students who have needs that require special or individualized attention.

What to Bring

Requirements for what to bring will vary by camp. Campers typically will be asked to bring personal equipment to athletic camps. Usually, campers will be asked to bring a swimsuit and towel. Please check the requirements of each camp as they will vary.

Health and Medicine

A Woodward school nurse will be available to assist with medications and to supervise the health and safety of every camper. Parents will be given the opportunity to provide information on any medical conditions or allergies during the registration process. Parents should contact the school nurse with specific concerns or requests at 404.379.7104 or contact the summer camp office at 404.765.4400.

Registration and Payment

During the registration process, families have the option to pay all fees in full or in equal monthly installments by credit card or checking account automatically charged on scheduled payment dates. Registration must be paid in full before your child starts camp. No refunds or cancellations will be honored after the registration deadline.


Please refer to the camps page to find specific fees for each camp.
  • Woodward Academy requires that every student be supervised when on campus during the summer, regardless of age.
  • Students must be picked up promptly at the scheduled time.

Engaging in the following behaviors will result in immediate dismissal without a refund:

  • Fighting, making threats, bullying, or other disruptive behavior that is distracting to participants
  • The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, knives, firearms, or other weapons
  • The dress code is informal, but students must use good judgment in their choice of clothing. Footwear must be worn at all times. No clothing item may display offensive imagery or suggest sexual activity, alcohol, or drugs.
  • The Woodward Academy Honor Code forbids stealing, cheating, or lying. Students in violation of this policy may be dismissed or suspended without a refund.
  • Students must show respect and cooperation in their relationships with their teachers, camp staff members, and campmates.