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College Counseling

During your Upper School journey, you’ll benefit from the wisdom and guidance of our College Counselors, who will empower, advise, and support you through your transition to higher education.

Starting with college awareness in ninth grade and continuing through personalized college planning during junior and senior years, you’ll have access to a wide array of resources. Our comprehensive four-year program matches your talents and aspirations with your best fit colleges and universities for the next stop on your educational journey.

Your College Counselor partners with you and your parents to enable self-discovery, uncovering opportunities that fit your unique strengths, talents, and personality. We’ll assist you with all aspects of articulating authentic admission credentials: assembling a meaningful college list, crafting your college essays and resumes, researching academic, professional, and cocurricular programs, and interviewing. You’ll meet with admissions professionals who visit Woodward, get advice on shaping your academic and cocurricular life, attend college fairs, learn how to make college affordable, engage with Woodward alumni panels for insight into college and careers, and so much more.


Expert Advice for Families

Crafting A High School Resume

Strategizing for college admission doesn't have to be a chore, nor does it have to empty your bank account. The solutions are right at our fingertips and can be a healthy, fun companion to learning and growing up. Woodward Direct of College Counseling Bryan Rutledge takes students through many of those strategies in this informative piece...

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Six Common Sense Ways to Afford College

How can I make Ways to Afford College hopeful and helpful, fun and funny? For some, this subject has all the appeal of a dental implant. What words can I summon to anesthetize your pain, perhaps with a little laughing gas? You have no doubt been drilled with data about robust college costs vis a vis anemic buying power, needled by swollen loans and aching interest rates, and presented the bill of rising college tuition. Sit back, breathe, and don't flinch. I'll be that cheerful, painless dentist who shares with you clear, no-nonsense solutions that won't cost a cent. My dentist has a sign on his wall that reads, "Floss only the teeth you want to keep." My version is "Only take financial advice if you want to save money."

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Meet Our Team

Bryan Rutledge

Titles: Director of College Counseling

Mary Ann Parker

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling

Jodi Hester

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling

Jesse Bowen

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling

Yolanda Coleman

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling

Meg Jordan

Titles: Administrative Coordinator, College Counseling