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Global Studies Requirements

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Distinction in Global Studies Requirements (A-D)

A. Apply for the distinction and receive approval from the Director of International and Global Connections no later than February 1 of grade 10 and meet as requested with the Director. New to Woodward 11th grade students must immediately meet with the Director to see if meeting all the requirements is possible based on coursework in grades 9-10.

B. Complete at least three years of one world language or complete the highest level of the language offered at Woodward Academy with a B or better average in this world language while in the Upper School. *

C. Complete four out of the eight following options.

  1. Volunteer a minimum of twenty hours a school year in an international organization inAtlanta (educational or non-profit) for a minimum of two years. All programs must be approved through the US Dean of Students, and 10 hours per year can count toward the20 service hours required in the US.
  2. Host an international student for short or long-term.
  3. Be a mentor/big-brother/big-sister for an international student (two-years minimum).
  4. Take and pass an international language test at a higher level (defined by world language teachers).
  5. Travel abroad on a WA educational trip.
  6. Travel abroad on the global Service Learning trip.
  7. Study abroad for a minimum of a summer-long program in a WA-approved setting which includes a course study.
  8. Complete and present in front of a school panel made of students and faculty members a research project on a Global issue or topic related to the language of study of the student.

D. Complete seven semester courses from the following selection of seventeen courses while maintaining a B average or higher in these selected courses.*

Option of semester courses: Each counts for one semester (some limits apply; not all courses are offered every year).

  1. History of East Asia
  2. History of the Middle East
  3. U.S. Political Economy & its Critical Choices I
  4. U.S. Political Economy & its Critical Choices II
  5. Topics in Multicultural, Ethnic & Diversity Studies
  6. Comparative Religions
  7. Multicultural Literature
  8. Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making 
  9. Art History I
  10. Art History II

Option of year-long courses: Each course counts as two semesters (some limits apply; not all courses are offered every year).

  1. A.P. European History
  2. Modern World History
  3. Study of a second world language (maximum two Semesters)
  4. Environmental Science
  5. AP Environmental Science
  6. World Language Capstone (French)
  7. Visual or Performing Art with an International Production

*NOTE: While the course work for items B and D can be completed by the end of the eighth semester in the Upper School, the B average GPA will be calculated at the end of semester seven.

Learn more about Global Connections at Woodward