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Transition Learning Support Program

Your child will learn to use their distinct learning style to achieve academic success and pursue their passions in our Transition Learning Support Program for students with mild to moderate learning challenges. 

With smaller class sizes, expert faculty, and proven pedagogical approaches for every academic area, your child will benefit from our comprehensive environment designed especially for Transition Program students. They’ll learn the same college-preparatory curriculum as Woodward peers in mainstream classes while cultivating the tools and strategies needed to convert different learning profiles into confidence, social and emotional stability, and tremendous academic success.

Transition students are bright, creative, and most of all—driven. Whether they have challenges in reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia), math (dyscalculia), language, areas of processing, executive function, or attention, our students go on to succeed in the Upper School, college, and every career path imaginable. This program is for students who have a specific diagnosis documented by either a private or school psychologist.

The Transition Journey


Admissions Criteria + Procedures 

To apply, you’ll apply for admission to Woodward Academy, provide a current psychoeducational evaluation with a diagnosis written by a private or school psychologist, and be interviewed by our Transition Program director. Admission criteria include evidence of average or above-average intellectual capability, a mild to moderate diagnosed learning difference, grade level achievement scores in some areas, and evidence of motivation toward academic achievement. The admissions committee will individually review each application, and decisions of the committee are final.

Meet Our Team

Morgan Potts

Titles: Director of Transition

Gigi Moore

Titles: Executive Assistant

Bonnie Aspinwall

Titles: Teacher, 6th Grade Transition

Jennifer Baker

Titles: Teacher, 5th Grade Transition

Abby Bennett

Class of 1988
Titles: Teacher, 2nd Grade Transition

Zoe Bienert

Titles: Associate Teacher, 3rd Grade Transition

Mikey Brayton

Titles: Associate Teacher, 2nd Grade Transition

Jenny Broad

Titles: Teacher, 6th Grade Transition
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