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From President Stuart Gulley

At Woodward Academy, we believe every child holds special promise and brings something to the world that no one else can bring. From pre-K to senior year, we create opportunities for each child to thrive, whether they excel in math, get inspired by robotics, or flourish in literature and art classes. Our Academy is the most diverse and inclusive independent school in Atlanta. Students learn organically from exposure to perspectives different from their own, and we immerse them in intentional programs to teach tolerance, respect, and compassion. In a world that is often divided, we excel in academics, but our aims are higher than college acceptance. We want to give our graduates habits of heart and mind to last a lifetime, to guide them not only toward material success but to a life of meaning and purpose.

I invite you to learn more about our great school by exploring our website and to visit our College Park or Johns Creek campus to Discover the Woodward Difference firsthand.

F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.

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Christy Browne

Christy Browne

Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Lee Conner

Lee Conner

Vice President for Operations and Auxiliary Services
Chris Freer

Chris Freer

Vice President for Advancement
Louise Mann

Louise Mann

Vice President for Finance and CFO
Nija Meyer

Nija Meyer

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Marcia Prewitt Spiller

Marcia Prewitt Spiller

Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Life


Woodward North has embarked on its 26th year under the leadership of principal Beth Marien. Sharing a passion for teaching that began in early childhood, Beth brings experience, energy, and enthusiasm to her positions.

Beth Marien

Beth Marien

Titles: Woodward North Principal
Liz Lee

Liz Lee

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Viji Namburar (Ramkumar)

Viji Namburar (Ramkumar)

Titles: Assistant Principal


Mr. Robert E. Bowers, 1974, Chairman
Mr. J. Russell Welch, Vice Chairman
Ms. Madelyn R. Adams
Mr. Gerald R. Benjamin
Mr. Ronald M. Brill
Mr. Mason L. Cardwell, 1998

Mr. Alfred J. Cole, 1980
Mr. Clarence Davis, 1974
Mr. A. Adair Dickerson, Jr., 1971
Mr. Michael S. Drucker
Dr. Xavier A. Duralde, 1976
Dr. Nancy H. Gallups, 1984
Mrs. Jo Cranford Hodges, 1996
Mr. Ben F. Johnson III, 1961

Mr. Ian Lloyd-Jones
Ms. Tamara R. Jones, 1988
Mr. Gregory S. Lewis, 1992
Mr. Brad Marsh, 1977
Mr. Gene W. Milner, Jr., 1971
Ms. Mary S. Moore, 1987

Mr. George S. Morgan, Sr., 1969
Mrs. Belinda M.J. Morris
Mrs. Marie L. Nygren, 1978
Mr. Tim A. O'Brien, 1961
Mrs. Vicki R. Palmer
Dr. Deepak Raghavan
Mr. John D. Randolph
Mr. Stephen E. Roberts, 1965
Mr. Mitesh Shah
Mr. Shi Shailendra
Mr. Ricardo L. Simon
Mr. S. Andrew Sullivan
Mr. James E. Sutherland, 1954


Mr. William W. Allison
Dr. Thomas J. Busey, Jr., 1949
Mrs. Kitty Dukehart
Ms. Vicki Escarra
Dr. Daniel S. Ferguson, 1968
Mr. W. Philip Gramm, 1961
Dr. Phillip A. Griffiths, 1956
Mr. Waldo S. Kennedy, 1957
Dr. Thomas L. Lyons, 1966
Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons
Mr. Larry D. Thompson

“We think we have the right formula. Our strong sense of school community coupled with our vision for tomorrow is the right combination for our Woodward North students to be successful, not only at Woodward Academy, but as global citizens who can one day change the world.”- Principal beth marien
25 years at woodward