Welcome to Woodward North, an elementary school of Woodward Academy conveniently located in Johns Creek. We enroll more than 250 students from pre-K through sixth grade, providing them with a warm, nurturing environment where every student finds his or her own unique strength and talent. Our 33-acre wooded campus includes a nature trail that is used for educational and recreational purposes.

Wise Guidance

Woodward teacher reading to studentsAt Woodward North, our focus is on innovative practices in the classroom with a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking. With a student-teacher ratio average of only 6:1, students receive wise guidance at every step, discover their greatest strengths, and build life-shaping qualities of good character.

In addition to our rigorous academic program for mainstream students, we also offer our acclaimed Transition program for students with diagnosed learning disabilities in fourth through sixth grades.

Prolific Opportunities to Try and Triumph

Woodward student playing cello

At Woodward North, we offer a wide range of clubs, arts opportunities, and intramural sports. Our lively a rts offerings include show choir, dance, orchestra, handbells, and a full array of visual arts options. Students also can choose from horseback riding, fencing, golf, tap class, jump rope club, and a variety of intramural sports as well as a robust robotics program and a competitive chess club. Woodward North’s Odyssey of the Mind program has reached the World Championships multiple times.

Deep Respect for Difference

Students at Woodward North develop a deep respect for difference in a community where diversity is more than skin deep. Peers from a broad array of religious and ethnic backgrounds come together to find opportunities to explore and excel at every level, whatever their interests. At Woodward North, our students not only learn about other cultures but experience them daily in their interactions with friends and in their celebrations of special holidays throughout the year including Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, NowRuz, and others.

smiling female Woodward students

Discover the Woodward Difference

The large majority of Woodward North students continue their education at Woodward’s Main Campus in College Park beginning in seventh grade, where they join peers from 100 different zip codes and 23 metro Atlanta counties. The Academy provides bus transportation to and from College Park, and many students choose to ride MARTA, in designated Woodward cars with assigned security officers.

Parents, faculty members, and administrators agree that Woodward North students not only do well academically but also possess strong values and an extraordinary sense of empathy toward their fellow classmates. Because of their experiences at Woodward, they are more confident and well-prepared in today's evolving world.